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DOMINOES IQ corp has the privilege of announcing to the world that we were the first to crack a categorical form of algorithmic motion binaries, achieving truly amazing results, since we have to find ways of enabling on, hand after hand, all parties stand expectacular constantly repetitive patterns, but no one passed and the end always getting the same results as evidenced by more than 2500 match stored in the database server (gamecolony.com) where final results can be summarized as follows ls.
  1. When someone dominating the game 80% of the time, remaining bones in the hands of the losing players connect to each other forming a second row, obtain one extra point for this result
  2. If the game is close and should be decided by fewest points, 80% of the time that happens, the difference between the first and second place will always be a point, balancing the incredible mastery of form, obtaining sometimes up to three consecutive draws (the logical explanation is obvious, each perfect player executed the right movement and therefore, if in chess, would obtain draw, the same applies here and the result is the minimum difference. a point or draw
  3. 80% of the time when a player has a double as his last bone in his hand, the other player will also have a double in his hand, if you have two doubles, the other will have two doubles, if you have one double and one connected to the double the opponent will also have a double and a double also connected to that
  4. This properties apply to the domino set of 28 pieces (up to double six) and also for the set 55-40 and 15 playing offside, thus demonstrating that the formula applied is correct

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